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Public Health counters are not accepting payments for permits, licenses, and vital records (birth and death certificates) after 3:45 P.M. daily.

Fee Schedule as of Feb. 1, 2024

Food Safety Program

Visit the Food Safety Program Webpage for all documents. 

Drinking Water Program

Onsite Sewage (Septic) Program

Licensed Septic Industry

Forms for Licensed Professionals only

Onsite Sewage Licensing Information

On-Site Wastewater Designer

Septic Installer

Maintenance Service Provider (MSP) 

Island County Sewage and/or Waste Remover (Septic Pumper)

 Homeowner Information

Get to know your:

Land Use Program

  • Plat Approval Requirements for Drinking Water
  • Plat Approval Requirements for Sewage Disposal

Living Environments

Outdoor Burn Program