Boundary Line Adjustment

All Boundary Line Adjustment applications are submitted to the Island County Planning Department.  During the review process, the application is routed from the Planning Department to Environmental Health and Public Works for comments.  A boundary line adjustment changes the configuration of existing and contiguous lots and no new lots are created through this process.

Environmental Health Review Criteria

Environmental Health conducts a general review of the proposed boundary line adjustment to determine any potential impacts on existing drinking water supply and existing sewage disposal systems. The review of a proposed boundary line adjustment does not determine if the reconfigured lots are useable or buildable.  During the review of a boundary line adjustment, Environmental Health does not review the potential water supply, the minimum lot size, or the capability of supporting an on-site sewage disposal system.  

Requirements Include:

  1. Provide a site map that is a clear, scaled drawing of the existing and proposed lot boundaries.  The site map should include the following: The location of all existing structures, all septic system elements (i.e. septic tank, pump tank, drain field, and reserve area), existing wells, the 100’ pollution control radii, waterlines, and easements.
  2. Ensure that the proposed boundary line adjustment meets the required setbacks for existing structures and does not violate the conditions of another permit issued by Island County.
  3. Ensure compliance with Island County Code Title 8 (Health, Welfare, and Sanitation).  This is required before Island County permits any development of the modified lots.  

While not required, providing a narrative explanation of the intent of the boundary line adjustment and attaching any relevant documents is helpful to the reviewer, especially for complex lot configurations.