Outdoor Burning


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Due to the increase in fuel moisture levels and a return to more typical seasonal weather patterns, the Fire Marshal will lift the ban on outdoor burning in Island County as of 7:00 a.m. September 26, 2023.



Island County Code-Chapter 9.10 



FOR NORTHWEST CLEAN AIR AGENCY CALL 360-428-1617 (https://nwcleanairwa.gov/)

Residential yard debris and land-clearing burning are permanently banned within the city limits of Coupeville, Freeland, Langley, and Oak Harbor (and their urban-grown areas).

All yard debris and land-clearing burning will require a permit where open burning is allowed. All written burn permits will be issued through the Island County Health Department.

A written permit for fires over 4 feet in diameter can be obtained in person (Whidbey Island) at Island County Public Health, 1 N.E. 6th, Coupeville, WA, or in person (Camano Island) at 121 E. Camano Dr. Camano Island, WA. Call 360-679-7350 (North and Central Whidbey), 360-321-5111, ext. 7350 (South Whidbey), and 360-678-8261 (Camano Island).

Recreational fires less than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high do not require a permit.

Burning garbage and using burn barrels is illegal statewide and subject to fines that can exceed $1,000.

If your property falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural Resources, call 360-856-3500 for burn permit information.

For air quality issues call the Northwest Clean Air Agency at 360-428-1617.

Report Violations to 911

Types of Burning Permits

  • Land Clearing Burning - Permit Required
    • Pile size must not exceed 25 feet in diameter x 25 feet high
    • Permit fee: $100 for a one-day permit
  • Residential Burning - Permit Required
    • Pile size must not exceed 10 feet in diameter x 10 feet high
    • Permit fees: $40 for three consecutive days
  • Recreational Burning
    • Recreational fires 3 feet in diameter x 2 feet high or smaller do not require a permit. These fires are made from charcoal or firewood and are used for cooking or pleasure.

Note: Burning anything other than natural vegetation or firewood is prohibited.

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