Site Plan Review

All Site Plan Review applications are submitted to the Island County Planning Department.  During the review process, the application is routed from the Planning Department to Environmental Health and Public Works for comments.  A Site Plan Review may be required for various commercial, residential and nonresidential land development activities. 

 Environmental Health Review Criteria

Environmental Health conducts a general review of the proposals to determine any potential impacts on the proposed drinking water supply and proposed sewage disposal systems.  Possible additional review criteria include developing a solid waste management plan, addressing critical aquifer recharge protection, and seawater intrusion protection.

 Drinking Water Supply Requirements

The water system requirements for Site Plan Review are based on the proposed land use and the proposed method of water supply. To check the requirements for preliminary and final plant approval please refer to the related document on the right called Drinking Water Requirements for Subdivisions. To provide evidence of an adequate water supply, the applicant is required to provide the following:

  1. For a public water system, a letter from the water purveyor stating their ability and intention to provide water for the proposed land use.
  2. For an individual well, information regarding the proposal, such as the presence of part-time and full-time employees, public events, visitors, customers, presence of a commercial kitchen, etc. This information must be provided in order to determine if the proposal requires the development of a public water system.

Sewage Disposal System Requirements

All proposals must demonstrate the capability of providing an approved means of sewage disposal. The application must include either an approved Site Registration that shows adequate soils in the area of the proposed sewage system, an approved septic permit or As-built, or a letter from the public sewer stating the intention to serve the proposal. Additional information, such as additional soil logs, preliminary septic system design, estimated water use figures, etc., may also be required. Note that any industrial uses of water, e.g., process or wash water, cannot be disposed into an on-site sewage disposal system.  To check the requirements for preliminary and final plant approval please refer to the related document on the right called Sewage Disposal Requirements for Subdivisions.

Solid Waste Management Plan

As determined by Environmental Health staff, a Solid Waste Management Plan may be required.  The Solid Waste Management Plan must address the storage and disposal of any solid or hazardous products used in the operations, along with storage, recycling, and/or disposal of any solid or hazardous wastes generated.

Critical Aquifer Recharge Area Protection

Site development projects may be subject to Groundwater Resource Protection and Critical Aquifer Recharge Area Protection review (ICC 8.09.095 and ICC 8.09.097). Critical aquifer recharge areas have been identified as having a low, moderate, or high susceptibility to groundwater contamination. The Health Office may impose conditions to mitigate impacts to groundwater resources or may modify, alter or deny a project if no mitigation measures are found or agreed upon.

Seawater Intrusion Protection

Site Plan Reviews may be subject to Seawater Intrusion Protection review (ICC 8.09.099 - Seawater Intrusion Protection) in a situation when the proposal, or water system serving the proposal, is located in the area of medium, high or very high rating for seawater intrusion and the increase in water use or an expansion of water system is required.

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