Hiring a Professional - Industry Contacts

f you are looking to hire an Onsite Septic System professional, be a good consumer. Call at least three companies and get bids for the work you need done. You will encounter a wide range of price, level of education/experience and customer service quality.  Find the right fit for you.  It is important to always employ licensed professionals to perform all work on your onsite sewage system.  Licensed professionals possess adequate experience, education and bonding to do the job right. 

In addition, there are many systems that are proprietary and may require a manufacturer certified professional to service the system. Failing to hire a manufacturer certified professional could void a system's warranty or mean inappropriate service. To find out if your system requires certified service providers and obtain a list of professionals in the area, please contact the system manufacturer.

Licensed Professionals serving Island County                                           

There are many types of professionals that provide different services, depending on your needs.

Additionally, you may contact any Washington State Licensed Onsite Sewage System Designer or Professional Wastewater Engineer.  

If you have experienced a fraudulent or dishonest professional in Island County, please submit a complaint form to our office. A staff member will follow up and take appropriate action.   

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