Traffic & Department of Transporation Cams

Speed Limits

Island County roads, by default, are 50 mph, except for those located within a plat. Neighborhood speed limits are set at 25 mph unless a specific provision is made in the Island County Code. Currently, speed limits of less than 25 mph are reserved for school zones. The speed limits are posted at the entrances to roads or communities.                        

Pavement Markings

All of the arterials and collectors, and some other major roads, are striped. This could include centerlines, edge lines or both. Island County paints striping where necessary to indicate to motorists the primary pathway through a community. Otherwise local roads commonly do not receive any paint striping. With lower volumes and speeds striping is not warranted.

Traffic Counts

Island County conducts traffic counts in a way that each arterial and collector is counted every third year. Traffic data is collected when vehicles pass over two (2) hoses placed in the roadway which are connected to an electronic traffic counter. As each vehicle passes over the hoses, both a number count and the vehicle's speed is recorded (the speed is measured by how fast the vehicle passes from one hose to the other). The information collected through this program helps the county monitor changing traffic conditions from year-to-year and help plan future projects.


Signs, like all traffic control devices, should: 

  • Fulfill a need 
  • Command attention 
  • Convey a clear, simple meaning 
  • Command respect from road users 
  • Give adequate time for proper response. 

Signs are broken into three major groups:

  • Regulatory signs give notice of traffic laws or regulations. 
  • Warning signs give notice of a situation that might not be readily apparent. 
  • Guide signs show route designations, destinations, directions, distances, services, points of interest, and other geographical, recreational or cultural information.

Sign applications

Signs used in county right-of-ways will conform to the standards set forth by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and applicable state and local laws.

Street Lights

Typically street lights are only installed for capital improvement projects or at intersections with significant collision history that is correctable by the installation of illumination.