The Roads Division is responsible for the approximately 600 centerline miles of county-owned roads on Camano and Whidbey islands*. We strive to provide the best possible road system both now and in the future. We achieve this through ongoing work such as installing signs and guardrails, paving, striping and mowing, as well as development of new construction projects to improve safety or operations.

In addition, many staff are on call 24-hours so we can respond as quickly as possible to downed trees, snow and ice, and other hazards.

*Note: State highways, city and town streets, and private roads and driveways are not part of the Island County’s road system.

Road Projects

The Engineering Group of the Roads Division is responsible for planning projects and developing the design plans for new road construction and road improvement projects. This includes surveying, acquisition of property, permitting, and management and inspection of projects during construction.  View the Project Planning page.

Routine Maintenance

Activities include drainage maintenance, guardrail repair, shoulder maintenance consisting of sod removal and grading, pot hole patching, road sweeping, ditch cleaning and removing and disposing of dead animals on the roadway.  View the Maintenance and Operations page.