Adopt a Road

The Adopt-A-Road program was created as a way to work in partnership with volunteer organizations to reduce roadside litter and/or noxious weeds and to build civic pride in a litter-free and noxious weed-free Island County road system. The agreement does not cover state or private roads or roads not designated under the program.

Island County is responsible to provide safety training for crew leaders, portable warning signs, hard hats, safety vests, Worker’s Compensation Act coverage for volunteers for medical treatment. Public Works will also install an Adopt-A-Road sign acknowledging each volunteer organization and evaluate the performance of organizations.

The volunteer organization is to assign a leader to each cleanup crew who shall have a copy of the program with them during cleanup, sign the Adopt-A-Road Program Agreement and Registration, Release, and Indemnity form, comply with all rules in ICC 12.28.040, and provide a Medical Aid Coverage Record within seven days of cleanup.

Anyone interested in joining the program or who is seeking more information should call the Island County Public Works Department at 360-679-7331.