Maintenance & Operations


Each spring and summer, county crews and contractors perform scheduled Pavement Preservation Maintenance on county roads. Work may include base stabilization, pre-leveling, ice abatement treatment, chip-sealing, shoulder widening, or repaving. Please watch for flaggers and other workers, slow down, and drive with caution in work areas. 

Roads scheduled for maintenance work during the current week are highlighted on the below map. Click the upper left "  >> " icon to display the legend. Zoom in and click on individual segments for details of scheduled maintenance.

You can also open the Annual Pavement Preservation Map as a full screen web map, where you can access other options such as viewing additional layers and switching base maps.  

To view all roads that are scheduled to be maintained in the annual Pavement Preservation Program, download the Pavement Preservation Map (pdf).

Emergency Response

County road crews regularly respond to emergencies such as:

  • Sanding icy roads
  • Snow plowing
  • Downed tree removal
  • Storm clean up
  • Flooding
  • Traffic accidents

Report a problem or request service using the Service Request App

Routine Maintenance

Watch for county road crews as they perform routine maintenance such as:

  • Drainage maintenance
  • Guardrail repair
  • Shoulder maintenance including sod removal and grading
  • Pothole patching
  • Road sweeping
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Removing road kill

Report a problem or request service using the Service Request App