2023-24 Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Timeline (updated monthly)

Month Steps to Take Groups Engaged Presentations & Documents
July 2023 Convene the CHA Workgroup - What is a CHA? What is MAPP? All Community CHA & MAPP Presentation
August 2023 Review of CHA 2015 and CHIP 2018 All Community

September 2023 Present Ascendant contract to CHAB & request feedback on Community Survey, Partner List & Health Data Points

Kickoff Meeting with Ascendant Partners
CHAB & Public Health Leadership
Input from All Community
Ascendant and Island County CHA 2023

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Mobilizing For Action Through Partnership & PlanningMAPP Framework Visual

Mobilizing for Action Through Partnership & Planning (MAPP) is a framework for completing Community Health Assessments that was developed by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) in 2001. 

"The goal of MAPP is to achieve health equity by identifying urgent health issues in a community and aligning community resources. Health equity is the assurance of the conditions for best health for all people (1). MAPP involves developing a community-wide vision for health, involving organizations across sectors, assessing both community needs and strengths, and assigning resources to the underlying drivers of inequity" (2).

Ascendant Healthcare PaAscendant Logortners is working with Island County Public Health to help guide our MAPP Roadmap and support the completion of the CHA. "Ascendant Healthcare Partners is a national leader in the facilitation and development of Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) for state, tribal, and local health departments." To learn more, visit their website.

  1. Phase 1: Build the foundation
  2. Phase 2: Tell the Community Story
  3. Phase 3: Continuously improve the community


  • Involve community members to guide and participate throughout the process, with particular focus on populations experiencing inequities.
  • Build relationships with new and existing partnersPhase 1 - Build CHI Foundation
  • Establish a MAPP Core Group and Steering Committee/Workgroup that represent the community
  • Develop an understanding of MAPP and develop a shared vision for the future 
  • Evaluate what resources are available and needed to achieve MAPP goals
  • Create workgroups to build infrastructure for the CHIP


1. Jones, C. (2014). Systems of power, axes of inequity: Parallels, intersections, braiding the strands. Medical Care, 52(10, Suppl. 3), S71–S75. Retrieved from www.tfah.org/ wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Jones_SystemsofPower.pdf

2. NACCHO (2023). Mobilizing for Action Through Planning & Partnerships, MAPP 2.0 User's Handbook. (PDF)