Youth Cannabis & Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program

The Youth Cannabis & Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program (YCCTPP) provides funds to implement policy, systems, and environmental changes to address youth cannabis and commercial tobacco use in the community and/or one of the state's priority populations.

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Vaping and smoking can get in the way of your favorite, hobbies, sports, and other activities. Vaping can increase your heart rate, tense your muscles, cause breathing problems, and impact your memory, learning, and attention. Vaping is extremely addictive because of the high nicotine content of some products, equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. Vaping contains harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, formaldehyde, and many more. These can cause cancer and lead to increase feeling of anxiety and depression.

Not a Moment Wasted

Know your options. This is them time in your life for new experiences, which van be exciting-but also stressful or even overwhelming. And with everything that's going on, you may be feeling that now more than ever. There are healthy ways for you to unwind, stay connected and safe, find emotional support, and turn down things like alcohol and marijuana. 

Not a moment wasted

Safe Storage is Important

Secure Your Cannabis!

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Kids say you're their greatest influence. It's best to consume cannabis out of sight of young people. Kids learn by watching adults they admire.

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Community & School-Based Mentorship & DINO - Dabble in New Opportunities

The South Whidbey CARES Coalition's primary goal is to reduce underaged use of alcohol and marijuana,  improve academic performance, and reduce juvenile crime.

Through advocacy and awareness, and action, our group of dedicated community volunteers aim to foster an inclusive community culture that strengthens families, reduces substance abuse, and promotes mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

Statistics About Tobacco, Cannabis, and Alcohol