Public Health - For Providers

  1. ACES Provider Toolkit

    Screening and responding to the impact of ACEs and toxic stress

  2. Communicable Disease Resources

    Current information on disease reporting, trends and prevention for healthcare providers, long-term care facilities, school districts and other community partners

  3. Chronic Disease Resources

    Helping people and communities prevent chronic diseases and promoting health and wellness for all

  4. Disabilities & Special Healthcare Needs Publications

    Washington State Department of Health publications available online

  5. Infant Mortality Reduction Report

    Detailed information and recommendations to reduce infant mortality and disparities in birth outcomes

  6. Pregnancy, Infants & Children Publications

    Washington State Department of Health publications available online

  7. Watch Me Grow WA

    Represents a coalition of communities and individuals invested in building an organized system of community resources to help children grow up healthy

  8. Bright Futures

    Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children and Adolescents

  9. Healthy Eating Research

    Research for strategies and policy to promote healthy eating

  10. Help Me Grow

    Resource and referral linkage system

  11. National Maternal Oral Health Resource Center

    Serving the maternal and child health community with oral health technical assistance and resources

  12. National Resource Center for Child Care & Early Education

    National Health and Safety Performance Standards; guidelines for early care and education programs

  13. Newborn Screening

    Washington State Department of Health tests all infants born in Washington state for rare but treatable disorders using a dried blood spot specimen

  14. Oral Health Promotion Materials

    Evidence-based oral health messages and oral health resources

  15. Operation Supplement Safety

    Resource for checking safety of over-the-counter supplements

  16. Parents and Families

    Health services and resources to inform parents and families

  17. Pediatric Environmental Health Speciality Group

    Healthcare provider information about protecting children from environmental hazards

  18. Reach Out and Read Washington

    Works with medical clinics to promote early childhood literacy

  19. Start Early Washington

    Early learning programs and support

  20. Strengthening Families Washington

    Department of Children, Youth & Families program helping families become stronger

  21. Zero to Three

    Information about infant and toddler development