Law Enforcement Career

Application and Examination Procedure

When openings occur or a Civil Service register has expired, a notice of the opportunity to test and apply for the position is posted. All applicants must participate in a Civil Service Examination. Corrections and patrol deputies must successfully complete a pre-employment physical ability test (PAT) and written examination through Public Safety Testing. These tests are offered continuously.  Applicants must complete an Island County Application for Employment form for all positions. A completed application package, along with a resume and cover letter and associated documents must be submitted to the Civil Service Commission prior to the closing date. Contact the Civil Service Commission’s Chief Examiner by email or at 360-679-7374 for forms, for information and with your questions.

Veterans Scoring Criteria Status

Based upon qualified military veteran status, veterans of the United States Armed Forces may qualify for scoring criteria to be added to a passing examination score. (see RCW 41.04.005 and RCW 41.04.010)   If you are claiming Veteran's Scoring Criteria Status you must submit along with your application, a completed Veteran's Scoring Criteria Status Declaration form and include a copy of your United States Department of Defense discharge document DD Form 214 Member -4 copy, National Guard Bureau Report of Separation & Service NGB Form 22, or other equivalent or successor discharge paperwork (DD Form 214WS Worksheet, USDVA Verification Letter, Statement of Military Service) that characterizes your service as honorable.

Other Requirements

Applicants who successfully complete the testing process and are selected to fill open positions will be given an offer of employment contingent upon meeting the following requirements:

  • Satisfactory pass criminal background check.
  • Satisfactory pass polygraph (lie detector) test.
  • Satisfactory pass psychological examination.

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is charged with the recruitment and examination process for filling job openings within the Sheriff’s Office (patrol deputies, corrections deputies, animal control and clerical support services). Their rules govern appointments, promotions, assignments, transfers, demotions, suspensions, discharges and/or reinstatements to ensure that such actions are made on the basis of merit and fitness.

The Civil Service Commission’s chief examiner screens and tests applicants for positions within the Sheriff's Office. Only those persons who have successfully passed the Civil Service Examination are eligible for hire, based upon their numerical ranking on a Civil Service Eligibility Register. 

There are separate Civil Service examinations and registers for each position in the department. Civil Service registers are established when a vacancy exists or is expected in one of the positions in the Sheriff's Office. Civil Service registers are valid for limited periods of time, usually one to two years. While Civil Service registers for the positions of corrections deputy and patrol deputy are renewed regularly, registers for other positions are established only when an opening occurs. When there is a vacancy the sheriff requests a certification. The Civil Service Commission then certifies the names of the three available eligibles who stand highest on the appropriate register.

Disqualifying Factors for Deputy Sheriff Position

This is a list of  disqualifying factors for a Deputy Sheriff Position.