Work Plan

The annual work plan for the Planning and Community Development Department includes amendments proposed to the Island County Comprehensive Plan (the annual docket items), work related to potential future amendments, development regulation updates and process / procedural updates.

SEPA Process
Anticipated Completion
Includes an Update to the Comprehensive Plan
Shoreline Master Program UpdateDNSJune 2021Beginning public discussions FebruaryYes
FEMA Process and Code Updates
Planning Commission (June 14, 2021) Work Shop Memo (PDF)
Proposed Amendments (PDF)
SEPA Determination of Non-Significance (PDF)
SEPA Environmental Checklist (PDF)
Adopted Ordinance C-78-21 PLG-006-21 (PDF)
DNSAdopted Ordinance December 14, 2021Consultant under contractNo
Critical Areas Ordinance Appeal ComplianceDNSDecember 2021Waiting on final legal proceedingsNo
Housing Element Implementation (PDF)
Farm Worker Housing
Begin Outreach on Mixed-Use RAIDs
Develop Housing Implementation Timeline
DNSDecember 2021Development of a survey of farmersNo
Clinton Gateway Implementation
Evaluation of Existing Zoning and Allowed Uses
DNSFebruary 2022Drafting Scope of Work and Public Participation PlanNo

Public Benefit Rating System Program Update
Properties Serving Area-Wide Drainage Function
Forest Stewardship
DNSDecember 2021Evaluating scope of update neededYes
ICC Titles 11 and 13 - Public Works Proposed UpdatesDNSDecember 2021Drafting proposed changesNo

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Forms