Diking District 4

Diking District #4 was created in 1919 supposedly to convert this area of Deer Lagoon into farmland and protect houses at low elevations. Prior to the dikes, much of this area would regularly be covered with water as part of Deer Lagoon/Useless Bay tidal action. 

The supervisors for this district are the Island County Commissioners, but it is its own entity. 

Assessments to parcels within the District to cover maintenance costs have been approved about every 10 years since 2005. 

Routine Maintenance: includes visual inspection of the dike, care of the access surface on the approach road and on the dike, minor repair to the dike, if necessary, annual mowing, clean out of the tide gate structure, clearing driftwood build-up in front of the outlet.

Infrastructure: The functioning systems of the district include 2 dikes, tide gates, an outfall pipe, and an access road from Deer Lagoon Road.

Dike Ownership: The Diking District has the authority to maintain the right of way for the dike and ditches.  Portions of the two dikes are district property and portions are on private property.  The access road from Deer Lagoon Rd to the dikes is located on a parcel owned by Island County. 

Access: Historically, the dike has been used as emergency access between Deer Lagoon Road and the community along Shore Avenue. 

Diking District 4 - 1985 Aerial Photo