Map Your Neighborhood

Island County Map Your Neighborhood

Island County utilizes the award winning and FEMA endorsed program called Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) to help communities prepare for disasters. It has been successfully implemented in 22 states.

Neighborhoods that are prepared for emergencies and disaster situations save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and trauma and reduce property damage. In addition, contributing as an individual and working together as a team helps develop stronger communities and improve the quality of life in the community.

The Map Your Neighborhood program guides you and your neighbors through simple steps to help enhance your preparedness for an emergency. These steps will help you to quickly and safely take actions that can minimize damage and protect lives. It is designed to improve disaster readiness at the neighborhood level and teaches neighbors to rely on each other during the hours or days before fire, medical, police or utility responders arrive.

Map Your Neighborhood Supporting Materials

Map Your Neighborhood Videos (Click on Chapter to View):

  1. Chapter One: Introduction and Welcome to Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) (pdf) 
  2. Chapter Two: Assumptions and Neighborhood Boundaries
  3. Chapter Three: Nine Steps Immediately Following a Disaster (the Golden 60 Minutes)
  4. Chapter Four: Identify Neighborhood Gathering Site
  5. Chapter Five: Identify Neighborhood Care Center
  6. Chapter Six: Neighborhood Skills and Equipment Inventory
  7. Chapter Seven: Neighborhood Map
  8. Chapter Eight: Contact List
  9. Chapter Nine: Review Steps #1 through #7
  10. Chapter Ten: Review Steps #8 and #9-View the Neighborhood Gathering Sites
  11. Chapter Eleven: Next Steps
  12. For Facilitators: Facilitators should watch this before gathering neighbors for a meeting.

The Mapping Your Neighborhood DVD is not available online, but is given to block facilitators when they sign up to conduct their neighborhood meeting. Contact Island County DEM for information.

Each household receives a Mapping Your Neighborhood Workbook to fill out at the neighborhood meeting; they take the workbook home with them. Facilitators may contact DEM to order workbooks for planned meetings.

If you have questions, contact the Island County Department of Emergency Management at 360-679-7370 or email

Live Outside Washington State?

Mapping Your Neighborhood workbooks, either customized with your logo or generic, are available for purchase for residents outside of Washington state. Visit Washington State Emergency Management Division.