Tax Bills & Payments

Calculating and Paying Your Taxes

You can estimate what your property taxes will be if you know the “assessed value” of your property and the tax levy rate. Both your assessed value and levy rate can be found on your tax bill sent to you by the Island County Treasurer's Office.

For example, if the assessed value of your property is $100,000 and the levy rate is $15 per thousand dollars of value:

$100,000 X .015 ($15 per thousand) = $1,500 estimated tax

How To Pay Your Property Taxes

The  County Treasurer mails  property tax statements during February of each year. To avoid penalties for late payment, you may pay the first half by April 30 and the balance by Oct. 31.

You may pay your property tax to the  Island County Treasurer in person or by mail. If you mail a check, be sure to include the tax parcel or account number on the check and include the tax statement’s payment stub.

Island County Treasurer
1 NE 7th St., Suite 111
Coupeville, WA 98239-0699