Public Records

The Public Records Act (PRA) requires that all public records maintained by state and local agencies be made available to all members of the public, with very narrow statutory exemptions. Chapter 42.56 RCW provides the statutory framework for disclosure of public records. 

See the Public Records Act for Washington Cities, Counties and Special Purpose Districts.

The following documents will assist you in submitting a Public Records Request to an Island County department or office:

Island County provides a portal to the Public Records Center (GovQA) for Public Records Requests (PRR). Island County will accept any written or verbal request for public records.

You may submit a request form to request administrative records from Island County District Court.

Island County has a Public Records Officer for the entire county except for the Island County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and Island County Sheriff’s Office. When placing a request through the Public Records Center, the County Public Records button covers both Island County departments and offices, and the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. The Sheriff Public Records button only covers the Island County Sheriff's Office.

Records Management

Records Management provides centralized records management services to comply with state and federal laws regarding storage, protection, and disposal of county records.