Local Improvement Districts

Assessment Districts

Assessment districts are formed to provide specific service(s) or benefit(s) to property within the assessment district boundaries.

The board or commissioner of an assessment district has the authority to levy an assessment to fund specific district operations or projects that fulfill the purpose for which the district was formed.

The Island County Treasurer bills, collects and processes levied assessments in a manner similar to property taxes. The money is distributed back to the district to provide defined service(s).

Each district has specific needs that may be different from other districts. These are defined in the document established at the time the assessment district was formed as well as in state statute. Billings, collection dates, delinquent rates and distribution are outlined in that document.

Island County Assessment Districts

Current assessment districts and payment dates for Island County
District Billing Due Delinquent
Penn Cove Sewer District October - 20 installments beginning in 1998, ending in 2017 Nov. 28 Dec. 28
Juniper Beach Utility District
August - 42 equal installments beginning in September 2012and ending in 2033 March 31 & Sept. 30 April 1 & Oct. 1