Superior Court Clerk

About the clerk

The Island County Clerk is an elected position. The position is provided by the Washington State Constitution with specific and special mandated duties assigned by statute and court rules.

The position of county clerk is best characterized as the record keeping and financial officer of the Superior Court. Your clerk ensures the separation of powers among the three branches of government, executive, judicial, and legislative, by preserving the integrity of the judiciary.  

The Island County Clerk is:

  • Independent of the judicial branch. The clerk protects the judiciary from the appearance of impropriety or unfairness in the setting of cases, implementation of order, or investment of funds.
  • Located in the executive branch of government and provides the avenue for external oversight of the judiciary without legislative or executive branch interference with its actions, integrity or independence.
  • An independent elected official. The clerk preserves for the public unrestrained access to a fair, accurate and independently established record of the opinions, decisions and judgments of the court.

We believe that the people of Island County deserve efficient, effective performance and responsible management of public dollars. We strive to treat every individual who comes to our counter with dignity and respect. We are here to serve.

Court Filings

Filings may be done in person or  through the mail at the Island County Clerk's Office, 1 NE 7th St., Coupeville, WA 98239. Filings can also be submitted via fax. Visit Electronic Fax Filing for instructions.

If you would like conformed copies returned, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Copies of filing and/or orders are normally available through Odyssey within 48 hours.  You may also request them through the Clerk's office or or

Presentation Fee

If parties are submitting proposed orders for Judge's signature and are not present for the hearing or for ex parte calendar, a $30 presentation fee is required. This fee can be paid online through NCOURT. Indicate the case number or case name (for example, 20-3-00001-15 and/or SMITH VS SMITH).

Superior Court & Clerk's Fee Schedule

Fees must be paid in advance