For Schools and Childcare Centers

School Absenteeism Form

Schools and childcare facilities are required to notify the local health department of the presence of a contagious disease (WAC 246-110-020) or of suspected or confirmed outbreaks of notifiable conditions (WAC 246-101-415 and 246-101-420). Schools are also asked to report when absenteeism exceeds 10% of the student population.

Making a Report

Monitoring school absenteeism due to illness is a critical part of tracking disease in Island County. Reporting illness allows us to provide proper public health response and assistance. Early detection through surveillance methods like this will help control the spread of illness in our community.  Notify Island County Public Health if greater than 10% of the total school population is absent due to unexpected illness using the banner at the top of this page or by clicking here. 

Additional Resources for Schools and Childcare Centers

Schools are allowed to report diseases or health concerns that pose a risk to student health and safety under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 34 CFR § 99.36). Reporting helps prevent the spread of disease through early identification and application of control measures. 

Visit our Provider Resources page for information on disease reporting, current COVID-19 information, and health alerts. After receiving a report, Island County Public Health can provide guidance on outbreak response.


Disease Fact Sheets for School and Childcare Settings

The fact sheets provided on this page are for notifying caregivers about a possible exposure to an infectious disease.  The fact sheets are for general information only to advise staff and families on how to limit the spread of disease, what symptoms to look for, and whether a child should stay home.  Have staff and families contact their healthcare provider for more information.