How can I be excused from jury service?

There are two main reasons why a potential juror can be completely excused from jury service – medical and financial. Additional documentation is required for excusals along with your completed summons. 

Medical exemption – All requests for exemption due to medical, psychiatric, or sensory limitations must be submitted by a written doctor's note clearly stating how your medical condition prohibits you from serving jury duty.  This note does not need to include personal medical information.  You may have your doctor's office fax the note directly to the Jury Manager at: 360-679-7383.  Please make sure the note includes your full name.

Financial hardship – Requests for exemption based on financial hardships must have a letter from the employer on company letterhead regarding their jury duty pay policy.  Additionally, you must also submit a letter stating the financial hardship that would be placed on you.  You do not need to divulge financial information.

Self-employed – Exemption requests based on self-employment must provide documentation of your business, such as a copy of your business license, along with a letter stating the financial hardship that would be placed on you.  Please note self-employed persons are not automatically excluded from service as there are no exemptions based on occupation or profession, per se.

Previous juror – If you previously served as a seated juror on a trial within the last 12 months you may be excused.  Please be sure to indicate the date, which court and, if possible, the name of the case.

Previously scheduled events/appointments – If you have a previously scheduled conflict with the entire duration of your term, you can request a deferment.  Please be sure to provide a new availability date sometime within 4 months from your current summons date.

                Any request for an exemption must be accompanied by a completed summons. 

If you request an exemption or deferment and do not receive a letter or phone call from the Jury Manager, your request has been granted.

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