How do I apply for an address?

You can apply via U.S. Mail or in person at the Planning Department front counter in the Coupeville office or at the Camano Annex.

Along with the Completed Application, the following shall be provided:

  1. Approved Access Permit
    Issued by Public Works 360-679-7331 approving the driveway onto a County road, OR Department of Transportation 360-757-5964 or 360-848-7230. When it is the first access onto the HWY.
  2. Map
    An Aerial photo, or plot plan showing the accurate lot configuration. On this map indicate the Approved Access Point/Driveway and any applicable easements.
  3. Fee
    $51.50 (made payable to Island County Planning)
  4. Building and/or Septic Permit numbers

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