How can I submit a permit?


  • Send your application and other attachments to
  • PLEASE NOTE - if your email includes attachments which are larger than 7MB, it will not be delivered. A Planner can provide a file sharing link, the applicant can send a file sharing link, or you can mail a USB drive
  • Once a planner is assigned to look over your submittal they will let you know they have received your application and advise you of its completeness.
  • If everything looks ready, the planner will provide you with an estimate for the fees and let you know how many hard copies are needed.
  • Please mail the required hard copies, a copy of the estimate provided to you, and a check for the required permit fees to one of the addresses below.


Planning & Community Development, 1 NE 7th St., Coupeville, WA 98239

Via FedEx or UPS:

Planning & Community Development, 1 NE 6th St., Coupeville, WA 98239

In Person

Call 360-679-7339 and ask to schedule a "Land Use Permit submittal appointment" with a planner. Plan for approximately 60 minutes to review and deliver your application.

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2. How can I submit a permit?
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