What should I do if I have concerns about drainage on my property?

The first step is to try to figure out where the water is coming from. Runoff due to the slope of your property, downspouts and water across driveways can often be mitigated by Low Impact Development (LID) Methods. There are many resources available to help resolve drainage issues on your property. 

Here are a few:

Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington

Whidbey Island Conservation District

  • Available to consult about whether the drainage issue can be resolved by conveyance or infiltration methods
  • May provide free design assistance for drainage solutions
  • Visit the Whidbey Island Conservation District website or call 360-678-4708 for information

Washington State University Extension

If water runoff from an Island County road, ditch or culvert is impacting your private property, please advise the Island County Public Works Department at 360.679.7331. Questions on erosion/slope stability may be directed to the Development Coordinators through the Planning Department at 360-679-7339.

Please note: On the older Plats within Island County the developers, in the dedication of the plat, included language stating:

"… Also the right to drain all streets over any lot or lots where water might take a natural course after the street or streets are graded.”

As a result of this language, Island County has the right to send public roadway drainage over and across private property. If the amount of water is considered excessive and occurs on a frequent basis, Island County Public Works will investigate.

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1. What should I do if I have concerns about drainage on my property?
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3. What happens after I file a “drainage complaint” with Island County?
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