Disaster Assistance

Due to recent storms in Island County, the Department of Emergency Management is collecting damage assessment information from the community to submit for consideration for both Individual Assistance (IA) and/or Small Business Loan (SBA). Damages caused by these events between Dec. 17, 2022 to the present should be submitted using the digital form. Information on both of these loans can be found below and through several fact sheets found on this page. For information or questions regarding IA and SBA, email us.

It is important to note that damage assessment should only include the primary structure and personal belongings. It does not include landscape, secondary/vacation homes, or land property.

This form does not automatically qualify you for any cash or other assistance payments but without this information, your property and the county may not qualify for any assistance.

Individual Assistance

Individual Assistance (IA) is collected to help Washington state understand the scale of impact for the recent weather events. This includes impacts on individual families and businesses. Reporting damage regarding your home and/or business will help Washington state assess damage across the state and how it has impacted communities. Filling out these forms does not guarantee your home, personal belongings or business for reimbursement of compensation.

Be aware that it is challenging to receive an IA declaration. If IA declaration is obtained, the assistance will not cover all damage expenditures. Please document damage and (when possible) begin working with your insurance company to process claims.

If you experience losses due to a disaster, here are some recommended steps to take:

  1. Assess and Document Damage. Identify and make a list of all damaged or lost items. Take pictures of damaged items and estimate how much you think it will cost to repair or replace your belongings.
  2. Contact Your Insurance Provider. Contact your insurance company to learn how to file a claim. If you experience any issues working with your insurance provider, you may want to contact the Office of the Insurance Commissioner or call 800-562-6900 for assistance.
  3. Report Damages to Island County Emergency Management. Use the form below to report your damage to the Island County Department of Emergency Management.
  4. Stay Informed. Be on the lookout for continued recovery resources shared by us and other community service organizations through radio, social media and paper fliers. Voluntary organizations active during disasters may be present to help with activities like damage assessment, debris clean-up, and supporting donations and volunteers.

Small Business Administration Loans

If there is sufficient damage to homes and business within Island County, the state may apply for an Small Business Administration (SBA) Declaration. An SBA Declaration is an important step in opening up the possibility of obtaining SBA loans. SBA loans are considered the primary source of funds for disaster recovery and can be made available without a presidential declaration. In the absence of insurance coverage, the SBA Disaster Loan Program may offer low interest loans to qualifying businesses, individuals, families and non-farm businesses to recover from the impacts of an event. When the President declares a major disaster, the SBA automatically makes its low-interest loan programs available to qualifying businesses and private nonprofit organizations that have suffered damages.

Business Planning to Recover from Future Events

Natural and other disasters have occurred in Island County and likely will again. Companies able to rebound quickly will be in a position to resume business activities and profit from recovery efforts.

There are numerous tools available to guide you through the planning process. The product to select will depend on the size and complexity of your operations. What matters most is that you have a plan.

Make A Plan

In order to help your company recover from a disaster, it's important that you and your key staff be there! Make a plan for you and your family, and make a plan for your business. For business resources visit Ready.gov.

Websites & Hotlines For Immediate Business Emergencies

  • For a life-threatening emergency, call 911
  • Island County Emergency Management
    Main Office: 360-679-7370
  • Washington Emergency Management Division
    Phone: 800-562-6108 or 253-512-7000

Helping your Community Recover After a Disaster

Disaster Response Registry is a voluntary registry of contractors who are willing to perform debris removal, distribution of supplies, reconstruction, and other disaster or emergency relief activities. To learn more, go to Disaster Response Registry.

More Information Related to Damage Assessment

Reduced Home Assessment

Due to damage sustained on your home, you may qualify for a temporarily reduced home assessment. View the application.

​Flood Clean Up